Drawing attention to virginity testing.

I would like the world’s media to be focused on the abuse of females globally, including with ‘invasive, humiliating and degrading virginity examinations.
Religion expert D.M. Murdock has announced that her Facebook account was “permanently disabled” after she inadvertently uploaded a photograph of African girls enduring “exploitative virginity testing.” Murdock, who also describes herself as a “lifelong student of anthropology,” states that the Facebook closure, although unwelcome, will help draw much-needed attention to a “humiliating and sexist tradition that plagues millions of women and girls worldwide.”
This is carried out by the examination of their genitalia by adults, and it has continued for centuries and it is often justified by religion and committed to determine whether or not a female is a virgin frequently for the purpose of marriage, impregnation and/or slavery after which they are marked on the head, or collect a virginity certificate.
Such activities are humiliating, and victims are prone to one infection or the other in addition to the pain as a result of such tests.
I urge every individual reading this article to strongly disagree with the practice of exploitative virginity testing.

simba / pro-era….

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