Mr Past by Jeremoh (@jeremeey)

Hey Mr past,
I heard u left her sad
I heard u broke her heart
I heard u stole that smile.
I will never forgive you if this doesn’t change her mind, I’ll never let you go if this doesn’t break that line, I want to bring back that life,yeah! am talking that smile in her.
She said it struck her so bad that she wouldn’t give it another try,I’m trying to make her understand that she’s gotta let go and leave the past to live the present buh she said history doesn’t die,she didn’t have to say how much it bites,how much she cried,how long she’s thrived trying to leave that past buh she’s probably stuck in time,she wants to fight buh the chance is so tight,she believes it isn’t worth a try. I’m trying to make her UnderStand, that she can Stand above dat past rather than laying flat Under that spell of your scary past. I hate you man,she gave all she had just to satisfy that time,now she looks and say I wish I hadn’t done that ‘trash’, joined that ‘cast’, doing such ‘acts’, buh all those are ‘past’.
She’s tired of u,’past’ living life in a ‘Deja vu’ cage,its time to close your page,she’s moving to a better stage,she may not get it today buh its certain she’s already on the way.
I know it may be hard,they say it takes time buh hey its worth a try… cos those who try nothing are nothing will be nothing and dies nothing….

simba / pro-era….

simba / pro-era….

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