Mr Past by Jeremoh (@jeremeey)

Hey Mr past,
I heard u left her sad
I heard u broke her heart
I heard u stole that smile.
I will never forgive you if this doesn’t change her mind, I’ll never let you go if this doesn’t break that line, I want to bring back that life,yeah! am talking that smile in her.
She said it struck her so bad that she wouldn’t give it another try,I’m trying to make her understand that she’s gotta let go and leave the past to live the present buh she said history doesn’t die,she didn’t have to say how much it bites,how much she cried,how long she’s thrived trying to leave that past buh she’s probably stuck in time,she wants to fight buh the chance is so tight,she believes it isn’t worth a try. I’m trying to make her UnderStand, that she can Stand above dat past rather than laying flat Under that spell of your scary past. I hate you man,she gave all she had just to satisfy that time,now she looks and say I wish I hadn’t done that ‘trash’, joined that ‘cast’, doing such ‘acts’, buh all those are ‘past’.
She’s tired of u,’past’ living life in a ‘Deja vu’ cage,its time to close your page,she’s moving to a better stage,she may not get it today buh its certain she’s already on the way.
I know it may be hard,they say it takes time buh hey its worth a try… cos those who try nothing are nothing will be nothing and dies nothing….

simba / pro-era….

simba / pro-era….

HER PAIN by Dave

The strength of his grip

The frame of his stature

My face was burning

My throat went dry.


I wanted to die

Not giving him the satisfaction,he wanted

About 2 hours

Felt like a life time.


He threw me against the wall then proceeded to pin me to the ground 

He hit me again,covered my mouth,not letting me make a sound.


I started to struggle and tried to release myself of his forceful grip

Then the next thing I heard was a loud, horrifying rip

His hands were cold and I cringed at first touch.


I tried so badly not to think of the sharp pain

He pushed harder and harder and excruciating pain was all I felt

The next thing I heard was the un buckling of his belt.


Blood boiled in every vain 

Out from one hole

Tears streaming from my eyes

Its been 7 years and that hole has a sore that won’t heal 


He took my virginity

Without permission

without consent

What I kept for a special person,its all gone. 


Now am stronger,


I will play the game you created better than you

I’ll do everything with you,make you feel special  

Make you feel that I can’t live without you then………… 

BAM!! I’ll leave you


And maybe for once you will see

That you can no longer hurt me

simba / pro-era….

pam’s freestyle

Tears roll down in a rush. As I bow my head before his grace. With no face I have come. Seeking his peaceful face. Minutes into hours. Hours into years. Same prayer,he knows. Buh an unknown zeal which is unjust. A strong force That keeps me whole. That friendly smile leaves my heart racing. Yet my soul yearns for. The fresh delicate skins. Nd beautiful shapes I encounter. Oh! I hear them scream my name. Though like a miracle. A voice keeps telling me. My son I have seen to your prayers. And still I wonder how? Then mind reflects. That strong force that keeps me whole. Such wonderful smile my neighbor has. My woman has been so close all along.

simba / pro-era….

Drawing attention to virginity testing.

I would like the world’s media to be focused on the abuse of females globally, including with ‘invasive, humiliating and degrading virginity examinations.
Religion expert D.M. Murdock has announced that her Facebook account was “permanently disabled” after she inadvertently uploaded a photograph of African girls enduring “exploitative virginity testing.” Murdock, who also describes herself as a “lifelong student of anthropology,” states that the Facebook closure, although unwelcome, will help draw much-needed attention to a “humiliating and sexist tradition that plagues millions of women and girls worldwide.”
This is carried out by the examination of their genitalia by adults, and it has continued for centuries and it is often justified by religion and committed to determine whether or not a female is a virgin frequently for the purpose of marriage, impregnation and/or slavery after which they are marked on the head, or collect a virginity certificate.
Such activities are humiliating, and victims are prone to one infection or the other in addition to the pain as a result of such tests.
I urge every individual reading this article to strongly disagree with the practice of exploitative virginity testing.

simba / pro-era….